Branding and Logo Design

Mandakani Yoga is a yoga studio in the riverside community of Corunna, Ontario, and the client wanted to capture the essence of flowing water into the branding.

The blue identifier in this logo creates a calming, flowing feeling. The white space between the blue shapes represent the unique path that each person experiences while practicing yoga, and when the identifier is flipped on its side, the white space mimics the curves of the letter “m”.

The darker grey text creates a grounding anchor, and by keeping the text lowercase, it gives a modern and welcoming feel to the brand.

As part of the brand identity, a colour palette, typography, pattern, icons and line style were also defined. Each graphic piece contributes to the overall essence of the flowing, calm, spiritual, welcoming brand of Mandakani Yoga.

A brand guide was also developed, which outlined logo, typography, and colour palette usage, and guidelines for using the pattern, icons and line style.

Social Media

Post templates for Instagram and Facebook were designed that reflected the brand and included all graphic elements.

A Facebook and Twitter cover were also designed, along with Instagram story highlights cover images.