Website Design

As the Lambton College Website Designer, I keep the brand top of mind when designing everything from large impact items like navigation, templates and photo selection to the small details like buttons, widgets and forms. As the only Website Designer on a three person in-house web team, we redesigned and rebuilt the 5000 page website be fully responsive and accessible, and we continue to evolve the site by updating the interface and improving user experience.


  • Researching and analyzing data using Google Analytics and heat mapping tools
  • Designing wireframes and interfaces using Adobe Creative Suite
  • Designing responsive layouts that work with Bootstrap
  • Contributing to site architecture & maintaining content
  • Coding with CSS, HTML, and testing with various browsers and devices
  • Implementing discovery sessions and giving presentations to clients

My UI Design Process

  • STEP 2 - Initial pencil wireframe sketch followed by wireframes created in Adobe XD
  • STEP 3 - Present research, recommendations and design to client and gather feedback
  • STEP 4 - Design a simplified layout and easy-to-use filtering system to show complex course and program listings using Adobe XD, followed by another presentation and incorporating feedback into revisions
  • STEP 5 - Design is built by programmer and then I test, review, and gather user feedback


See more interface design at

Project Management & Leadership

I’ve had the opportunity to develop project management and leadership skills during my time at Lambton College. One example was leading the development of an icon set font. This project involved ensuring the brand was reflected properly, along with the technical aspects of the deliverables, and clear communication between both teams.


  • Writing project brief
  • Vetting and hiring external vendor
  • Communicating between in-house team and external vendor
  • Ensuring branding is properly represented
  • Ensuring deliverables meet technical requirements
  • Being on interview panel for a variety of positions
  • Leading web design assistants by assigning duties, giving instructions and providing feedback



  • Designing endorsed brands
  • Designing and developing a brand appendix as part as a team
  • Designing all web, digital and print pieces to reflect branding
  • Providing feedback to other designers regarding branding
  • Contributed to the brand appendix by designing text layering style, dividers, and bold pattern
  • Designed endorsed brand for an entrepreneurial hub that reflected the parent brand
  • Designed endorsed brand for the Salon & Spa that reflected the parent brand

Social Media, Email & Advertising

A brand must stay consistent across all digital mediums, so when I design social media graphics and templates, email templates, and advertising imagery, the visuals are easily recognizable as Lambton College.

  • Designing and developing templates in LucidPress for social team to use
  • Creating grid designs for campaigns
  • Designing email templates in Mail Chimp and Salesforce
  • Implementing tagged url tracking for campaigns
  • Creating Google Analytics dashboards that bring all aspects of campaigns together and reviewing the data with the team


I have also designed print pieces throughout the years. The below example shows a post card and double-sided flyer with the previous branding.

Post Card
Double-Sided Info Sheet



This video was created for Lambton College Athletics, and is used at games to create excitement and brand awareness.


At times my role has included providing creative guidance for recruitment videos. I offer creative input in storyboarding, suggestions for video angles, props, backgrounds, and consistencies while on set. I’ve also used the second camera to capture detail shots.