Creative, Curious and Connected

As a life-long learner, my curiosity leads to me question, listen and connect with others. Through this process, I gain a true understanding of a client’s need. Once the objective is clarified by digging deep, creativity takes the lead and I design beautiful and meaningful solutions that exceed expectations.

With over 15 years of experience as a Graphic, Web and Multi-Media Designer, my background includes working in creative agencies in Ontario and Alberta, in-house corporate design, and freelancing.


  • Graphics | Digital Advertising, Social Media, Email, Print
  • Web | UI, UX, HTML, CSS, Responsive, Analytics, AODA
  • Video | Editing, Creative Direction
  • Communication | Verbal, Written and Presentation Skills


After graduating college with a Graphic Design Advanced Diploma in 2005, I landed my first design gig as a production artist in London, Ontario. In that position I was able to learn the detail work of repairing film on drafting boards, prepping art for dies, and even designing the roll-up-the-rim to win for Timmy’s! Although I enjoyed the hands-on approach to design work, I decided to return to college for another year to further my web and video skills. The additional diploma in Multi-Media Design & Production led me to attain an incredibly versatile position in Sarnia, Ontario at a media agency. In that role I worked on everything from logo design, print design and web design to animation, 3D modeling, special effects and video editing.

When I moved to Alberta I worked in another media agency and was able to continue using my expanded skill set. Once I returned to Ontario I decided to focus on website design and attained a position as a Website Designer for an educational institution. During that role, I not only designed a 4000 page responsive website from the ground-up as the sole web designer working on a small team, but I also developed incredible branding, communication, analytical, technical, data analysis and leadership skills.

Throughout my career I have designed for clients as a freelancer. This has allowed me to keep my portfolio fresh, provide services to those who need it, and to manage all aspects of business, client relations and customer service.

Education and new experiences are incredibly valuable to me, so I’ve continued to develop new skills and to be immersed in the world of design. I look forward to the continuing evolution of design, and I plan to contribute with innovative design solutions that benefit both users and clients.


  • MultiMedia Design and Production Diploma | Fanshawe College | 2005–2006
  • Graphic Design Advanced Diploma | Fanshawe College | 2002–2005

Courses & Conferences

  • Intermediate UI and UX Design | OCAD | 2021
  • Experience Mapping | Akendi | 2020
  • User Experience Research | Akendi | 2020
  • Design Thinkers | RGD | 2017-2021
  • Information Architecture | Akendi | 2018
  • Google Tag Manager | Cardinal Path | 2017
  • SEO for Higher Ed | Higher Ed Experts | 2017
  • Support Staff Leadership | Lambton College | 2016
  • Google Analytics | Cardinal Path | 2015
  • English, Statistics and Philosophy Courses | Athabasca University | 2012
  • DSLR Photography | Lambton College | 2010