Logo Design & Branding

Wild Daisies creates natural, handmade soap and the owner wanted her logo to reflect that. The wordmark is wrapped in an oval shape to not only symbolize the shape of bar soap, but also to create a flowing, natural feel to the logo. By including daisies and leaves, the viewer understands that this product is made from ingredients found in nature. The script font gives a casual, approachable air to the logo, while the all-caps sans serif adds a professional touch.

The primary colour pallete includes shades of purple and grey with greens as accent colours. Sans-Serif fonts are used for both the headings and the body text to create a modern, approachable feeling. Two pattern options are provided, so that they can be used separately or together to create contrast. A custom illustration of a daisy was created to mimic the hand-crafted feel of the soap. And lastly, the lines can be used to divide text or draw interest and miimc graphics from the logo.