Instagram & Social Media Posts

Four square social media posts were designed to be used on Instagram and Facebook. The icons can be used as Instagram story covers.

Logo Design & Branding

Lee-Ann provides personalized nutritional consulting services based on a “whole person” approach. She wanted her logo to feel natural, organic, classy and professional. The logo is set in a modern, sans-serif font, and the identifier of a stem and leaves is set in the middle of the text to create a sense of balance. A stem and leaves are used since they signify the beginning of growth, not only of healthy food, but also for the client who decides to improve their nutrition.

The colour palette includes shades of purple and green with light pink as an accent colour. A pattern was created from the logo identifier and another leaf form to be used as a background on various pieces. The leaves from the identifier can be used as a graphic device to create shapes to house content. Lastly, purple icons were created that also have the shape of the leave in them to reflect the branding.