Branding and Logo Design

Alovia Accessories is a pet accessories company with the main goal of providing life-savings supplies to cats and dogs with every item purchased. Alovia’s name is described as “Alovia is the way (via) that we are able to give love to animals around the world”. The paw print symbolizes the cats and dogs that they help, the heart symbolizes love for pets, and the circle is the connector that brings it all together.

Also, since they are an accessories company, the circle with the heart and the dots inside also represents a button, with the dots symbolizing the three founding words: Animals, Love and Via.

The brand includes two fonts, a bold paw print pattern that can be molded into any shape, tones of purple and teal to give a feminine, yet fresh and bold feel, and subtle overlay triangles used over photography for a modern edge.


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The responsive website is built on the WordPress platform. It features original photographs, branded graphics, bold colours and clear call-to-actions. The styles are carried throughout all social media profiles.

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